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I have been seriously interested in photography since buying my first camera (a Russian Zenith 'E') in the early 1970's.   I still have the negatives from the very first roll of film I shot - in black and white using Ilford FP4 film - the prints processed in a local photographic shop.   I moved on to better cameras - a Canon TLb and Canon AV1 - and, after acquiring the basic equipment, learned how to do my own developing and printing in a tiny makeshift studio in my little flat in Central London.   Many important lessons were learned, the hard way!   Initially I worked in monochrome (including Ilford XP1 - remember that?!), then moved on to colour negatives, slides and, ultimately, producing Cibachrome prints from Kodachrome slides.   I still have every negative and slide I produced over the past thirty odd years, and it is a retirement project to scan and index them all.......   Digital technology may have taken over from the old chemical processes, but those slides and negatives are part of my creative development - my 'back story', if you like.


In 1997 I was one of the early adopters of digital photography, buying my forst digital camera - a Sanyo VPC1 - which was pretty advanced for the day, having 640x480 pixel resolution (one third of a megapixel!), but no screen and no memory card or removable data storage.   I am now on, I think, my 10th digital camera, a Panasonic Lumix FZ100.   The camera plays a very important part in my artistic endeavours - I use it as a kind of scrapbook, to record scenes and ideas for later working in the studio.  Some artists I know despise the camera and refuse to use one, because they feel it artificially influences their work - I think that's a bit Luddite!   I also use a scanner extensively in my work, mainly to digitise my artwork for the web and for reproduction.


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Monochrome Photography        
Lord Soper, Speakers' Corner        


Colour Photography        
Battersea Power Station c1979        

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